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Published August 2013

cover_old_200x256Workforce for Good: Engaging Employees in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility


Employee engagement is one of the toughest and often most perplexing elements of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. The level of employee involvement and ownership is critical to the success of corporate sustainability and CSR efforts. Employees bridge the gap between the company’s sustainability/CSR goals and the realization of those goals.

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It is to read more the personal day-to-day commitment, decisions and actions of employees that direct the intelligence and resources of the largest companies in the world for the good of our planet, what we call a workforce for good™.

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In a series of interviews from January – March 2013, 17 leaders in sustainability and CSR in 12 Fortune level companies were interviewed with one purpose: to find out how they engage their employees in sustainability and CSR. This white paper showcases the findings of those interviews.

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